Sensor technology redefined

BLANCO SOLENTA-S Senso with non-contact start/stop function.

This BLANCO SOLENTA-S mixer tap is perfect for busy kitchens with innovative sensor technology and clean aesthetics. Inspired by professional mixer taps, the flexible shower hose offers a generous working radius and ease of use. Every feature has been designed with the user in mind, freeing up time to concentrate on the task at hand. The precise magnetic holder takes up the shower after use and the automatic stop function ensures that the flow shuts off after 90 seconds.

The SOLENTA-S also has an exclusive dual-jet spray with integrated change-over function, allowing users to switch between a powerful spray for cleaning, or a full aerated stream. The mixer tap is easy to operate; by the ergonomically positioned lever or its unique sensor technology with start/stop functionality. The sensor (complete with proximity detector) offers an entirely new functionality: contact-free operation.


Kitchen chores made simple thanks to sensor technology combined with the start/stop user interface.


The SOLENTA-S automatically stops the water flow after 90 seconds. This prevents overflowing and leaves you free to concentrate on other tasks.


The intelligent features set the SOLENTA-S apart from other mixer taps, adding a professional touch to busy kitchens.


The precise 6cm detection field prevents the risk of accidental water flow; however unintended activation is nothing to worry about with the automatic stop function.

For busy kitchens: high-quality, durable material, paired with innovative technology in a sophisticated design. With the BLANCO SOLENTA-S mixer tap, working in the kitchen is something to look forward to.


Continue working on tasks uninterrupted with a simple hand movement.


The sensor detection field is set to a precise 6cm range, preventing unintended activation.


The sensor is strategically placed under the docking arm, ensuring you always have access to the sensor technology.


A subtle blue LED display identifies the operating mode. A solid light indicates the unit is in standby and a flashing light indicates that the mixer tap is running.

More Product Information

Functional design, inspired by busy kitchens. The SOLENTA-S offers maximum flexibility so that you can work seamlessly, just like a professional kitchen.



Easily switch between two spray modes. A powerful spray for cleaning and rinsing, and a full aerated stream for filling large pots.


Precise magnetic holder

Simply lift the SOLENTA Senso sprayhead off the magnetic docking arm and snap it back in place when done.


High-quality hose encased in stainless steel

Mixer taps have to cope with a lot of wear and tear in the kitchen. The hose of the SOLENTA-S Senso is encased with easy to clean stainless steel for maximum flexibility, durability and easy maintenance.


Preset water temperature and flow

Determine your perfect water temperature and strength settings using the ergonomic control lever. Use the start-stop feature to turn the water on and off.


Stainless finish UltraResist

As well as the chrome finish, the BLANCO SOLENTA-S is also available with the innovative UltraResist finish. UltraResist mixer taps are especially easy to clean, scratch-proof, and fingerprints are unnoticeable.