Always get the exact amount of water


Superbly measured. Superbly precise. Superb idea.

Perfection is everything working precisely. Like the EVOL-S Volume from BLANCO. Thanks to its integrated measuring cup function, the EVOL-S Volume always provides exactly the amount of water that you need, which can be custom-set using the precise rotary control and intuitive touch operation. Whether you’re preparing pizza dough, mixing jelly or making ice, the EVOL-S Volume from BLANCO is the perfect smart mixer tap for when you need a precise amount of water.

Another plus is that using a specific amount of water puts an end to unnecessary wasting of water, making this mixer tap economical and environmentally friendly. The new dynamic flow control system provides intelligent control of the water flow: the greater the amount of water you want, the more powerful the jet and the faster the water flow. This means no unnecessary waiting.

Exact amount of water with the BLANCO EVOL-S Volume

Use the scaling wheel to set the exact amount of water that you want to come out of the tap, in small increments from 100 ml to 5 litres.

BLANCO EVOL-S Volume have an intuitive touch control

Intuitive touch control: Tap on the left-hand lever and the set amount of water comes out of the mixer tap.

Mix cold and warm water with the second lever of the BLANCO EVOL-S Volume

Use the second lever to mix cold and warm water in the usual way and have it flowing continuously.

The pull-out spout of the BLANCO EVOL-S Volume gives you more freedom of movement around the sink.

In a high-quality metal finish, the pull-out spout gives you more freedom of movement around the sink.

Discover useful situations where EVOL-S Volume can make it easier for you

EVOL-S Volume is available in chrome and stainless finish UltraResist surface materials, as well as in right- and left lever versions so that you have the perfect configuration for your sink bowl arrangement. Simply superb.