Stainless steel worktops

Stainless steel is an extremely popular choice of material for the kitchen. Not only is it used for kitchen sinks, but also for customised worktops in modern kitchens. Stainless steel as a stylish element adds an elegant sheen and exclusive ambience. It is very much the up and coming choice for industrial chic solutions and in modern puristic kitchens. Stainless steel worktops are notable for being highly heat resistant and generally do not stain. Their excellent hygiene characteristic make them a requirement in professional kitchens.

The processing of stainless steel leaves plenty of design freedom. Sinks can be seamlessly integrated in the chosen shape, and recesses are also possible to create a functional herb trough or integrated back panel. Our production facility is notable for its passion for detail, and creates items to the highest quality standards.


BLANCO stainless steel satin polish

Stainless steel satin polish

Polished stainless steel delights with its glossy look. The classically timeless surface in satin polish blends perfectly with an aesthetic design. The material is made from the purest stainless steel, and differs from other stainless steel surfaces in its linear brushed finish. The very fine polish on the surface leaves the stainless steel feeling particularly smooth.

BLANCO stainless steel brushed finish

Stainless steel brushed finish

The brushed finish is one of the most popular looks for the kitchen. The subtle finish to the surface texture makes the stainless steel look soft and velvety. The special way the surfaces are processed results in a matt finish that combines perfectly with a wide range of extractor hoods, fronts and refrigerators. This makes the brushed finish an excellent choice in kitchen design.

BLANCO Durinox

BLANCO stainless steel Durinox®

Conventional stainless steel has been revolutionised and reinvented by the velvety-matt surface and greater resilience. BLANCO stainless steel Durinox® owes its particular hardness and glossy appearance to a unique surface treatment. The innovation sets new standards all over the world, and makes stainless steel less susceptible to scratching. The smooth, level surface of the unique material creates an optical haven of peace in the kitchen. The velvety surface also combines harmoniously with natural materials such as wood and stone.

Edges and worktop thicknesses

Edge design R1

The edge radius of 1 mm is one example of BLANCO SteelArt's competence in stainless steel. Only our company offers this particular kind of filigree processing. Processing the worktop to the highest standards with exceptionally narrow radii results in a clear, linear effect.

Edge design R3

Only an edge radius of 3 mm will result in a clearly defined edge with delicately rounded lines. This worktop edge radius is the perfect mix of optical linearity and a pleasant feel.

BLANCO Edge design R1
BLANCO Edge design R3

Available in the following worktop thicknesses:

BLANCO STEELART worktop thicknesses

13/21/31/40 mm

BLANCO STEELART worktop thicknesses

50,5/59,5 mm

BLANCO STEELART worktop thicknesses

80/100 mm


The SolidEdge is the very expression of exclusive taste in kitchen design. The secret is the 6-mm solid edge design. It provides the layer bonded stainless steels worktops with the desired solid look. And what makes it so special: this combination offers reliable stability as a worktop whilst also appealing for its elegant gracefulness.

BLANCO stainless steel worktops solid edge

Available in the following worktop thicknesses:

BLANCO solid edge without shadow joint

6 mm without a shadow joint

BLANCO Solid edge with shadow joint

6 mm with a shadow joint

Technical information on SolidEdge worktops

Chamfered edge design "Fase"

The new chamfered edge design "Fase" adds a striking effect to worktops. It even facilitates rounded lines or the rounding of innovative Durinox worktops, and opens up new options in kitchen concepts. It is particularly elegant in combination with a thin worktop. It expressively underscores Blanco's excellent expertise in the processing of stainless steel.

BLANCO Chamfered edge design fase

Available in the following worktop thicknesses:

BLANCO Fase 13/21 mm

13/21 mm



Minimum width: 600 mm, maximum width: 1200 mm.
Minimum length: 500 mm, maximum length: 3700 mm.

Other dimensions available on request. The dimensions depend on the worktop thickness and edge design.


BLANCO weld-in bowls

Weld-in bowls

The flawless impression of the perfect workbench in the kitchen is achieved by integrating our exclusive basins in the worktop. The combination of sink and worktop delights with its seamless look that is only made possible by our perfect processing.

BLANCO weld-in sinks

Weld-in sinks

The combination of sink and worktop delights with its seamless look that is only made possible by our perfect processing. The continuous transition from the worktop to the drainer area and sink creates an extremely harmonious overall design.

BLANCO hob cut-outs

Hob cut-outs

In order to turn your kitchen dream into reality, we offer cut-outs for hubs that can be flush-mounted or integrated in the worktop from above.

Planning and installation


I would like to see some of your exclusive SteelArt solutions "in real life". Would it be possible to see the solutions shown here live?

Numerous partners to kitchen retailers are CreativPartners who specialise in SteelArt planning, and have specific qualifications. Their displays always include kitchens with made-to-measure SteelArt products that will give you a feeling for the design spaces as well as impressions of the excellent quality. Which is why our CreativPartners are so highly recommended.

Where can I purchase the made-to-measure worktops?

BLANCO SteelArt is only available from professional specialist dealers. SteelArt partners are recommended as your first port of call for expert advice, planning and installation, and will be happy to provide you with a bespoke quote. Our employees will be glad to name a SteelArt partner from a kitchen and furniture dealer within your area. Please tell us your country, place of residence or desired area. Please send us an email to . We look forward to hearing from you.

What needs to be considered when planning?

The worktops are made individually with millimetre precision to suit your personal requirements. You can choose from lots of different designs, and have just as much choice when it comes to the sinks that are fitted into the worktop. We have a wide range of sizes and designs that can be combined in any way you please. We regret, though, that it is not possible to make the bowls in special sizes.

If you also wish to integrate the hob in your worktop, the specialist retailer will provide us with the relevant information on the manufacture with all the dimensions and other appropriate details. Of course, we do not require the actual hob.

Who will do the measuring?

All our CreativPartners, like most of our specialist retailers, offer you a competent measuring service, and will be pleased to assist you with the specific planning.

What kind of delivery time do I have to expect with individually planned made-to-measure stainless steel worktops?

The specialist retailer will draw up the detailed planning in close co-operation with BLANCO SteelArt, and it can usually be implemented at short notice. SteelArt will require at least 5 weeks for the actual production, starting from your binding approval of the drawing.

Who will install the SteelArt solution in my kitchen?

The appropriate installation by a specialist retailer or their cooperation partner is usually included in the scope of delivery, and is recommended by BLANCO. In normal cases, it also includes the installation of the hob if relevant. So you receive everything from a single source – for the optimum results.

And should, despite our expectations, anything ever go wrong, you will also be in the best hands for the rectification of the problem.

Is it possible to make changes to a worktop on-site before installation?

SteelArt solutions are individually made to your specifications, which it is why it is essential for all concerned that the drawing be checked carefully and thoroughly. We generally advise against making changes on-site.